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    Assisted Editing &

    Independent Publishing

    Services for Fiction Authors


    Personalized Service,

    Lovingly Curated Books


  • Your first book or one of many?


    Searching for a

    reasonable small press?


    Looking for assistance in the shifting world of

    independent publishing ?


    Let JGKS Press help you

    create your best book ever!

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    Our Philosophy


    We provide independent, assisted literary book publication services to quality

    fiction and memoir authors.



    We treat your book as if it were our own.



    We collaborate with you, the author,

    during the process

    of editing, book design, publishing,

    and initial distribution.



    Our small size allows us to shift and change

    with the ever-changing publishing landscape.


  • What We Do

    We guide you through the editorial shaping of the manuscript; we help you select interior design features; we prepare the print file and e-book file.

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    Personal Attention

    Hands-on Assistance

    Our professional formatter prepares your interior, which includes creating Word, ebook, PDF, Mobi, and other necessary versions to meet printing and distribution requirements for both online and traditional bookstores. A professional book cover artist completes your front and back cover design, spine, title page, and different online cover requirements, depending on your sales platforms.

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    JGKS Press Imprint

    Your book will receive our imprint.

    Your book will receive an ISBN number for printing and distribution on Amazon/KDP and Ingram Spark which means it will be available on a variety of formats and sales platforms (online, libraries, bookstores, etc.) We provide editorial assistance with writing your book description and choosing book categories for all your publishing platforms.

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    Copyright and Royalties

    The author retains all copyright and rights of title and distribution.

    We enact registration and handling of your U.S. copyright which includes fees, registration before publication, and deposit of copies at the Library of Congress. JGKS Press does not take any royalties or commissions related to the sale of your books, and upon publication, all your rights are reserved. Upon final publication, JGKS Press surrenders all control of your product to you, the author.

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    Hands-On Assistance and

    Personal Guidance

    An experienced professional guide through all phases of publishing

    We provide editorial shaping of your project; we prepare your manuscript for publication; we procure all your registrations; and we upload your finished print and ebook files to Amazon KDP and Ingram Spark, as well as uploading your digital book to the wide-ebook sales network. We provide assistance in initial launching and publicity for your new titles and advise you on initial marketing strategies, including contests and book awards applications.

  • Editor-in-Chief

    Gini Grossenbacher, M. Ed.

    Experienced Writing Instructor and Coach

    Certified Editor, UC San Diego,

    Award-winning Indie Author, Publisher

    Founder of JGKS Press


    Our Vision

    We and our publishing partners are dedicated to giving authors and their readers quality fiction and memoir books at reasonable costs. We believe in honoring the writer's voice, paying craftsman-like attention to our books, and bringing the author's dream of publication to life.

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    To be a well-favoured man is the gift of fortune; but to write and read comes by nature. William Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing

  • Testimonials

    A book is a dream you hold in your hand. --Neil Gaiman

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    Kathleen Torian Taylor, Author

    Death by Arrangement

    Testimonial: JGKS Press Publishing

    I'm publishing my first Novella with JGKS Press. I know that I could not have completed this experience without the help of Gini Grossenbacher. She guided me through every step of developmental editing. I've learned so much and encourage anyone writing a book to go through this process. Your book will be so much better with another set of eyes. JGKS Press is an excellent choice.

    Kathleen Torian Taylor

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    Cle Curbo, aka L. Paul Turner, Author

    Testimonial: JGKS Press Editing

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  • Rates - Estimates

    Dependent on Your Particular Project and Needs

    Developmental or CopyEditing

    Depending on the unique needs of your manuscript, developmental or copyediting can range from 3 cents per word or a per-page fee.

    Design and Production

    We provide the front and back cover designs, interior type and page layouts, along with technical preparation of PDF print files. Depending on the page count, this phase usually costs $800-1500.

    E-Book Production and Distribution

    We produce and upload digital versions to major platforms (Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo, Nook, Apple IBooks) for $300-700, depending on the extent of service rendered and whether or not this is part of a full print and digital package.

    Free Initial and Ongoing Publicity

    We offer an initial publishing package at no extra charge which includes marketing consultations, a free book launch (virtual or in bookstore), announcements on Facebook, LInked In, and Twitter, initial press releases, Amazon author page, and referral to publicists and other marketing professionals. Authors are featured on a cover display linked to a dedicated sales page and buy links at the JGKS Press Bookstore for one year post-publication.

    No Royalties Charged

    Since this is assisted publishing, you, the author, control all the rights and JGKS Press claims no royalties either before or after publication.

  • How to Submit

    Please fill out the following form with a description of your fiction book project, along with the date range in which you would like to publish your work. Tell us about yourself and the status of your book project at this time. How far have you gotten in writing the manuscript? How many words? Have you had a critique group and several beta readers go over your work? Has it been professionally edited? Will you need our editing assistance? Do you have cover art? Any other details you want us to know? If you need help and advice, send us a message. If you are ready, you may submit the first twenty-five pages, double spaced, Word, Times New Roman font, page numbers, along with a 250-word synopsis and word count for the entire manuscript. If your project seems a good fit for JGKS Press, we'll give you a project questionnaire, along with a list of fees and service costs, which will include all publication-related pricing, including final proofreading as needed. Once the parameters of your project are determined, we send you a payment schedule, along with a mutually agreed-upon contract. Looking forward to helping you achieve your publishing dream!

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